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Strengthen Your Community!

All fees from the Skip a Payment program are donated to help various organizations in your community. The American United Charitable Foundation, founded in 2020, is an active supporter of our local communities. We Help When Others Won’t by seeking out organizations with small budgets that support Veteran, Tribal, and Underserved initiatives.

Download Request Form

Just fill out this form so we’ll know which loan payments* you want to skip and when—then include a $25 processing fee for each loan.

The processing fee will be collected and donated to the American United Charitable Foundation. If your payment comes through payroll deduction, we’ll even deduct the fee for you automatically.

For security reasons, return this brochure to your nearest branch, or mail it to us inside an envelope.

*Interest still accrues and your loan balance doesn’t change. “Skip A Payment” does not apply to credit card, real estate, business loans, overdraft loans or delinquent loans. Members with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) on auto loans are only allowed to “skip” 2 payments or have 2 delinquencies throughout the term of the loan. Other qualifications and restrictions may apply.

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