We love our members and enjoy seeing you as much as we can! However, we know you’re busy and cannot always make it into a branch to do your banking. By providing a variety of online and mobile banking tools, plus the latest technologies, our members receive the best financial services and products available.

See What Online Banking Offers For Your Busy Lifestyle

Check account balance or account activity 24/7 from your computer, tablet or smartphone, securely pay your bills, even in advance, knowing they will be paid on time, and setup email or text alerts* and notifications that let you know if your account balance is low or a payment is due. Other features include:

The First Californian online enrollment takes only minutes to complete. Online Banking allows our members to receive the best financial services and products available.

  • View account history and payment history
  • View and print cleared checks and statements
  • Safely and quickly transfer funds between accounts, or to friends and family accounts (even if located at another financial institution)
  • Deposit checks through Mobile Deposit
  • Sign up to receive eStatements
  • Make loan payments
  • Receive promotions and updated information about services
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Mobile Banking

Access your First Californian account from your mobile devices. Check your balance, deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money*. Download the app for Apple and Android devices to access your accounts wherever you are. On your mobile device, visit the app store and search for “AUFCU” or “ First Californian,” then download the app for free.

Update Mobile Preferences

  • Login to your Account (Must sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Preferences, select Mobile
  • Click along the three tabs: Mobile Enrollment, Mobile Authorizations, Text Banking

Electronic Statements (eStatements)

Save a tree and reduce those piles of paper with eStatements. Through online banking, your statements are available to view anytime you need them. Need your 1099? Get it quickly in your eStatements account. You must be signed up for online banking to get eStatements. It’s quick and easy, and not only the green thing to do, but the smart thing to do.

Check out These Great Features

  • eStatements look exactly like the paper statements you receive by mail and are safely and securely accessed online
  • Download eStatements onto your computer for your personal use
  • No more filing then shredding monthly paper statements
  • Prevent identity theft by minimizing the amount of personal financial information that travels through the mail
  • View up to 24 months of history online
  • Save money, allowing us to pass the savings to our members (paper statements cost money to print and mail)
  • Access your account statement days before your paper statement arrives in the mail
  • Have your financial account statements delivered securely and electronically each month

Enroll in eStatements

  • Log in to your Account (Need to sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Preferences, select eStatements Enrollment
  • Accept eStatement Agreement

Bill Pay

Save yourself the worry of paying your bills late with First Californian’s free online bill payment service. Quickly and securely pay all of your bills: Utility, gas, mortgage, medical and credit cards from one convenient location using your computer, handheld or tablet. End the hassle of writing checks, paying postage and wondering if they arrive on time.

Check out These Enhancements

  • Access Bill Pay from your mobile phone
  • Receive email and text notifications
  • Send gift checks and donations
  • Dashboard management tool which gives easy access to your full financial picture
  • Increased member support through the message center, email and live chat
  • Ability to set up email payments
  • A true business Bill Pay option

Enroll in Bill Pay

  • Log in to your Account (Need to sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Transactions, select Bill Pay
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions

Mobile Deposit

Life is busy, which is one reason we upgraded the online services to include Mobile Deposit. Use any of your mobile devices with a camera to deposit checks for free. Here are some benefits:

More About this Great Technology

  • Convenience – Log in and make deposits from anywhere
  • Easy to Use – Easily and quickly deposit funds
  • Less Effort – Saves not only time, but gas by not needing to drive to a branch
  • Expanded Footprint – Receive the latest and best technology
  • Secure – Highest security measures to ensure deposits are correct, providing peace of mind

Enroll in Mobile Deposit

  • Log in to your Account (Need to sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Services, select Mobile Deposit Enrollment
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions

Alerts received as text messages on your mobile devices may incur a charge from your mobile service provider.

Money Desktop

MoneyDesktop is a personal financial management solution that is integrated directly with First Californian’s online banking. It is used to combine all internal and external financial accounts into one area, allowing for a quick overview of all of your financial accounts.

Enroll in Money Desktop

  • Log in to your Account (Need to sign up for Online Banking before proceeding)
  • Under Services, select MoneyDesktop

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may ask about eServices:

Can I change my Login ID?

Yes. Once you are enrolled and logged into your account, you can change the log in or password using the menu on the left side, scrolling down to Preferences and then clicking Security.

How do I change my password if I forgot it?

You can change your forgotten password by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the initial login screen.

My browser saves my User ID and Password. I changed my password yesterday, and today it does not work?

If you change your online banking password, you will need to erase the old password when your browser pre-fills it and then type in your new password. Once you do this, your browser should display a prompt, allowing you to choose if you want the browser to remember this new password.

How long can I be logged into my account before it times out?

  • 15 minutes with no activity
  • Maximum of 60 minutes with activity (mouse clicking)

How long can I go without logging into my account is locked?

If there are no logins for a period of 90 days, the account will be locked.

Why did First Californian change online banking?

The upgrade was made to provide better account security and features that were not available in the old First Californian/Credit Union One websites. The added features include:

  • Secure Messaging: send a question securely to the credit union, if needed, about a specific transaction
  • Enhanced Mobile and Text Banking
  • Alerts: Set up balance or other transaction alerts that are received via email, phone, or SMS (text message).
  • Personalize your online banking experience.

How can I change the account/amount/date on a recurring transfer?

Go to the “Online Activity” option in the toolbar, highlight the transaction and select the “Cancel” option in the menu just above it. A recurring transfer may only be added or cancelled, not edited.

How do I cancel a transaction I created?

Go to the “Online Activity” option in the toolbar to the left of your account information. Once in “Online Activity,” highlight the transaction you wish to cancel and select the “Cancel” option in the menu above it.

How do I get transactions into Quicken/QuickBooks? Why is it not working anymore?

Once you are logged into your account, go to the “History” option in the toolbar. You will then see a dropdown button that says, “Display . . .” Select that dropdown and pick “Export to File.” Next, in the dropdown just to the right, select your appropriate choice. If you were already a user of Quicken/QuickBooks before our conversion, you will need to perform an update in your Quicken/QuickBooks product. You can find step-by-step instructions there.

I keyed in a transfer a week ago and it never hit my account. What happened?

You may have created a draft of your transfer and may not have approved it. To do so, go to the “Online Activity” option. From here you may approve any pending transactions.

I was using Money Desktop with the old system. Will it work with the new system?

Yes. If you had entered your internal and external accounts on the previous system, the information should have transferred over to the new system.

How quickly are transactions posted with online banking?

Online banking transactions occur instantly in “real time” during our normal operating hours. Outside our normal operating hours, your transactions will affect your available balance but the transaction history will not show until the next business day.

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