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Unauthorized ACH Withdrawals

Used for a refund of an unauthorized ACH withdrawal from your account. Refund form must be submitted to First Californian within 60 days of a disabled transaction to obtain a refund.

Download the ACH Refund Request Form

VISA® Credit Card Maintenance

Email First Californian at to request maintenance to your VISA® Credit Card: Unblock, update address or perform a research request. Please reference only your Name and Callback phone number. Do not include any credit card, debit card or account numbers.


Check Stop Payment/Release Forms

Stop payment on a single check or a range of lost or stolen checks. There is a $25.00 nonrefundable fee.

Download the Check Stop Payment Form

Release a stop payment on a single check or range of checks. Form must be Notarized!

Download Check Stop Release Form

Need to Reorder Checks?

If you want to reorder checks from Libery-Harland, please call 877.922.8663. First Californian is dedicated to saving you money. We have contracted through Deluxe to save money on your checks. Check out the new styles and great prices available to you.

Reorder Checks

Debit/Credit Card Dispute Forms

**If you are unsure which form to fill out, please contact the First Californian VISA® Department at 1.877.992.8663 or If the wrong form is filled out, it could delay the processing of your dispute.**  To dispute a Debit/Credit Card transaction, the transaction date must be within 60 days of the statement mail date.

Fraudulent Transactions

Transaction(s) that were not authorized by the member, including internet transactions, MUST be signed by the member. Note: Some requests may require you to file a police case, cooperate with investigators and prosecute in the event of a card theft.

Download the Fraud Dispute Letter

Transactions for Merchandise or Services Cancelled or Not Received

Per VISA® regulations, the member must try to resolve the transaction(s) with the merchant.

Download the Cancelled/Not Received Merchandise or Services Form

Transactions for Merchandise Not as Described/Defective

Per VISA® regulations, the member must try to resolve the transaction(s) with the merchant.

Download the Merchandise Not as Described or Defective Form

Transactions paid by other means, duplicate transactions or cancellation of recurring transactions

Per VISA® Regulations, the member must try to resolve the transaction(s) with the merchant.

Download the Not Elsewhere Classified Form

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We’re here to serve you. Find a First Californian branch near you.

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