Over $173,000 were paid out in December 2023!

Since 2013 over $2.5M have been paid out with the reward dividend.

See what Members are Saying About the Reward Dividend!

Based on your relationship with First Californian and the products and services you use throughout the year, we offer a special end of year dividend to our members. Click Reward Details to learn more about how you can maximize your Reward Dividend.

We have been members of the credit union for many years and have been able to claim the reward dividend at the end of each year since the program started. It’s so easy! A few clicks and it shows up in our account when it’s time for the credit union to disperse them. Not only are there no fees to bank with our credit union, they pay us a dividend reward at the end of each year. Just in time to help with Christmas. Truly a great benefit of being a member!

Bobbi J.

As an First Californian member, my family and I have truly benefited from all of the services you provide, one I really look forward to, is the yearly reward dividend that you offer us as credit union members. Usually at the beginning of December I start to watch the Online Banking page for when you are about to start the rewards for the current year, and who does not like FREE money? Just for being a member and utilizing the services your Credit Union provides. And with Christmas in December we all tend to spend, sometimes more than we should, so this reward actually pays me back some of the money I may have overspent during the Holiday Season, so Thank you First Californian for all that you offer Us. Anyone not looking for this Reward should Start, begging this year. It pays to be a Member!

Mark G.

I have been a member of this Credit Union for the past 26 years (Back when it was called Credit Union One). Three years ago when First Californian came out with the "End-of-year Reward Dividend" I was surprised. I have not seen any other financial institution do something like this before. I was even more surprised how easy it was to claim my reward dividend. After going through the list of items that you could collect the end-of-year rewards dividends for I quickly made a list of items that I did not have set up on my account. Shortly after I made some easy changes like paperless statements, Debit Card, etc. to my account. This increased my reward by $11.50. For the last two years my reward has been $94.00. This a great little "bonus" at the end of the year, for just being a member of a great Credit Union.

Candace M.

The reason I am glad to be a member of First Californian Family of Credit Unions can be simplified into one statement: they are a true cooperative. As a business student, I am often reminded that most organizations function for one reason – and that reason is to make money. I find what organizations choose to do with that money to be incredibly interesting. At some financial institutions, a year of profits might translate into massive bonuses for top-level executives or flashy company cars. Fortunately, this is not the case at First Californian, because when the credit union does well, so do the members! Receiving the member rewards dividend reinforced my belief that when I choose to use the financial services offered by First Californian, I am choosing an organization that truly values its members – because they know that people, rather than profits, come first!

Bree B.

What credit union out there gives you $90 for free? I can’t thank First Californian enough for thinking about its members first. I’m so glad I’m a member of this great credit union. Lots of credit unions have motto’s that they don’t follow through on, but First Californian is making a difference in my life.

Josh C.

We have used our credit union for over 40 years. I joined from work, and we are now part of the AUFoCU. My husband opened his account with the cu 30 years ago with checking and auto deposit of payroll. We have used Christmas Club and many other accounts for savings, such as Cruise, Wendover, and taxes. Through the years we have had savings certificates, cars loans, home improvement loans, and signature loans. You are always our first choice when it comes to finance. Thank you for being there for us for all these years.

Dayle M.

Just wanted to say thank you so much First Californian for offering an amazing rewards program. I found the entire process simple and rewarding at the same time. With Christmas just passing and taxes a couple months away the rewards dividend couldn’t have come at a better time. I am so thankful for all that you do for your members. We love you First Californian. Keep up the amazing work!

Jonathan O.

Wow I could not believe it when I received my dividends for 2013. That’s how business should be done. Thanks again!

Jodi B.

united truly believes in giving back to their members and I’m so glad I am apart of it! This is the first promotion I have come across that really has no catch, receiving free money is great! I do not feel like I have to sacrifice anything to receive my dividend because they truly have the best services. I received $98.50 this year which has helped reimburse my savings after the Holidays. Thank you First Californian for all you do for me, it’s a FANTASTIC place!!!

Karen D.

I claimed my rewards right away and I received almost $200 this year… Everyone should do this — First Californian IS the True Co-op of credit unions — the best of the best! I don’t know of any other credit union, and certainly not any banks that give up to $500,000.00 back to you — like Christmas all over again… If you can’t get to the website or know someone who can’t, just call your favorite branch and they will help you get your rewards! First Californian is AWEsome!

Donna S.

First Californian has made it so incredibly easy for members to be rewarded just by being a member with them. I received close to $100 just by having all my services here at First Californian and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Claiming the dividend was easy and only took just a few moments and I was able to have the funds directly put into my account at the first of 2014! Such a great way to start the New Year! Thank First Californian!

Kesler O.

We were so grateful to have First Californian pay out our member rewards! They were a big surprise, and so helpful. We just had a baby at the end of November and my wife had to take off a month of work and I had to take off a week and a half of my own. The extra member rewards (that we benefitted double from having an account for both of us!) really helped us to keep up on the bills, especially all the Christmas bills! Thanks you First Californian!!!

Taylor S.

We’ve had our First Californian accounts for over twenty years–back when it was Veterans Administration credit union. As we’ve moved from the location we don’t use it as our primary accounts, but have kept it active and use it as a kind of secondary account. I got the email and went ahead to see if I could get the rewards. Easy breezy and I’m $27.50 richer! What a cool program. I’m now going to do it with my kids’ savings accounts and see what we can add. Thanks AMUCU!

Josi K.

The Members Reward Dividend is a great way to give back to the members! From a personal standpoint, I appreciate a business that is willing to give back to those who contribute to their success! First Californian has always been willing (and able) to help my family out with everything, from car loans, checking accounts, and even a savings account for my kids! The Reward Dividend is just one more additional bonus, and representation of how they take care of their members, or as I like to think of it Credit Union Family! Like most (I’m sure), I claimed my reward online. It was extremely easy to locate all the different accounts and amounts rewarded. Even easier to personalize it by just typing in YOUR own account number. First Californian has made claiming the rewards, convenient and rewarding for ALL members! I am lucky to be a member of such a fabulous credit union!

Pamela L.

I’m a very dedicated member of First Californian, having banked there exclusively for nearly a decade. But working full-time, going to school full-time, and being the sole financial support for a growing family (three beautiful children) means my savings are not quite what I would like. My account is for transactions, not savings. Meaning, on traditional balance-based dividends, I barely earn anything. But with the Bonus Dividend, I really came out ahead. I’ve never seen or heard of a company thanking those who utilize it’s services like this. It’s really wonderful and refreshing in this day and age. Thank you First Californian!

Matthew T.

Claiming my member rewards was so easy. I filled out a simple form and just like that I had my member rewards in my account before I knew it. My family was actually a little short on cash too since I spent a little more than expected on Christmas. Thank you so much for everything you do! I love First Californian!

Sharla O.

I was totally skeptical when I read the announcement on my son’s Kirby statement about the rewards. But our credit union has always had excellent service, so I put aside my skeptical attitude and went to the website to check it out. Was blown away by how simple and easy it was to redeem the rewards. I quickly started calling all my siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to let them know. We all bank at the same credit union. It was really easy to talk some of them through it so they too good receive the benefits you offered! Thank you and we plan to continue to bring our business to a place that has such excellent services and rewards for loyal customers.

Jenny E.

I can’t say enough good things about the member reward dividend from AU. First Californian is my PFI, so I received around $65 for my dividend reward. I didn’t have to do anything special and there was no catch. My kids also have accounts here and they also received a dividend reward…how cool is that? I don’t know of any other financial institution that would give back this much to their members. What an AWESOME credit union!!! Thank you so much AU for all that you do for your members!!!!

Stephanie B.

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